Sister-Music | Andrea Bocelli’s Son Sings “Love Me Tender” And Has Internet Swooning
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Andrea Bocelli’s Son Sings “Love Me Tender” And Has Internet Swooning

There’s something in the Bocelli blood that produces superstars. It seems as though everyone in the family can sing, dance or act! Matteo Bocelli, Andrea’s 21-year-old son, is no different. The handsome young man is making waves online yet again with his rendition of Elvis’ hit song, “Love Me Tender.”

The younger Bocelli has an angelic voice like his father and the swagger of a modern recording artist. He’s unstoppable!

Seeing Matteo perform onstage while singing such a difficult song gives us goosebumps. Obviously, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in this family. He’s the spitting image (and sound) of his father!

Even though Matteo’s duets with his father have garnered millions of views online, the singer still has a lot to learn about the industry. He knows it will take decades to reach his father’s level of success – and he shouldn’t expect anything to happen overnight, especially without putting hard work. He needs more vocal training, historical knowledge, countless hours in the studio and years working with other musicians to consider himself an opera icon.

Despite the long road ahead of him, the 21-year-old is ready to put forth the effort. Andrea and Matteo sat down with The National to speak about what the future has to offer them both.

Just as any concerned father would believe, Andrea thinks his son needs to finish his professional training and musical schooling before jetting off into superstardom. He said:

“Matteo needs to finish his studies to be a serious singer. When you go to the doctor or to see a lawyer, you expect to find a serious professional. The same goes for singers. But Matteo has shown he has a gift. He has something you don’t learn.”
Rather than buck his dad’s notion of finishing college, Matteo agreed. He told The National that school is an invaluable stepping stone to success.

“I know that to make my dream come true I have to study a lot.”

Matteo’s willingness to grow as an artist is admirable. But he also has something that can’t be taught: natural skill. The young man belts Elvis’ classic track before an eager audience without batting an eyelash.

He feels comfortable in front of a crowd and lets his voice ring from one end of the room to the other. You can’t help but smile as Matteo shows off his brilliant sound.

We need more artists like this in the industry!

Check out Matteo’s version of “Love Me Tender” below. He’s certainly as skilled as his dad!